Your Web-to-Print storefront is firing on all cylinders… Now what?

Finding, securing, and keeping resources familiar with both the print and digital worlds is challenging and costly.   Finding a trusted partner doesn’t have to be. 

We excel by making the complex simple, by merging the inherent benefits of print and digital, by leveraging expertise in a range of vertical markets with similar challenges. Plus, we’re nice, smart people who are fun to work with.



RFP and RFQ Consulting

Today’s businesses often have stringent technical requirements which bubble up into RFQs and RFPs.  Answering them correctly using the right terminology is the key to increasing your chances of winning business. 

UX and Design

The right look and feel of your solution is key and creating a design that you know will work with your platform is priceless.  


Technical Design

Whether it’s a part of a bigger undertaking or simply a road-map for your team,  Devia can produce the technical designs necessary to keep your more complicated projects on task.


You have your print pricing down to a science but pricing technology and anticipating changes can be challenging and very risky.  Devia has over a decade of experience helping the biggest printers in the nation right-price their solutions.



Template Creation

There’s plenty of template designers out there but we’re different.  Our designers are surrounded by managers and engineers and supported by Devia’s processes and DevOps infrastructure. 


Skinning Infigo Catfish and Pageflex Storefront requires unique skill sets not just familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  We have the experience and tool set to get the job done under budget.


Our engineers can figure out how to connect to anything.  Brand new Web APIs, old SOAP calls,  SSO, MIS integration, pricing scripts, … you name it we’ve done it.

MegaEdit Customization

MegaEdit represents an editor unmatched in the web to print world.    Let us show you how this can be customized to meet even the most decerning client.



Template Maintenance

Template building doesn’t stop once it is delivered.  Clients expect quick turnarounds for minor changes.   We have the staff needed to make that happen.

Premium Support

Your standard support only goes so far.  Devia can provide you with faster turn-around times, more in-depth support reporting, customized knowledge bases,  and custom support forms.  In addition we have close relationships with both Pageflex and Infigo Support. 

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