Hello World, This is Devia.

We are a team of eCommerce experts with a wide range of experience in software development. We are developers, project managers, and designers who are determined to make your project run smoothly and look its best.

Devia’s eCommerce team continues to work with seasoned clients and new partners. Our team helps printers switching from Pressero to Infigo by building out sites. We also update several large platforms switching from older Infigo themes to Arone, while maintaining each website’s original look and feel. Our development team also implements several complex MegaEdit products serving a large university with over 2500 active users.

Our Custom Development team begins working on building a new version of CAPGEMS tailored to Home Repair, Land Buyout, and Flood Response. Capital Access and Devia continue using the CAPGEMS software to distribute reallocated ERA funds to those in need

Devia continues to work with large commercial printers to expand upon their Infigo platforms by adding new stores, creating new products with Infigo’s Invent, and updating store themes to Arone.

Our Custom Development team and Capital Access partners with 3 counties to distribute over $126 million dollars in Emergency Rental Assistance using the CAPGEMS software. We also provide the applicant processing team with a new Excel add-in that pre-populates data from the CAPGEMS software.

Devia partnered with several large commercial printers in both the United States and the United Kingdom to build business eCommerce platforms serving in apparel, retail, and pharmaceutical brands.

Thanks to Capital Access's CAPGEMS software created by Devia, Delco's ERA program won the 2022 Pennsylvania Governor's Award for Local Government Excellence.

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