September 14, 2022

Your B2B Print eCommerce Stores Need Downloadable Products, and Here’s Why.

By Xan Poulsen, Marketing, and Steven O'Brien, CEO

September 14, 2022

Your B2B Print eCommerce Stores Need Downloadable Products, and Here’s Why.

By Xan Poulsen, Marketing and Steven O'Brien, CEO

If you use B2B eCommerce websites for your printing business, there’s a good chance you might only be using your stores for physical print orders. But did you know a Web-to-Print platform is also a great place for your clients to store and download files? Most print eCommerce hosting platforms (including Infigo and Pressero) let you create products that feature a “download” button on the product pages. That way, your clients can download and access the product as a PDF. This feature is perfectly suited for businesses who are slowly implementing the idea of “going paperless” by transforming some formerly-printed resources into digital content. Infigo’s download feature lets you keep those products in your storefront once they become digital.

After all, most printed products have a digital alternative. As more and more businesses begin to test this idea, we’re starting to see marketing transform right before our eyes. Pamphlets and manuals are now online resources. QR code menus are as popular as paper ones. Companies with remote employees share resources with Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive rather than filing away printed documents.

Because of how convenient online file sharing has become, it’s bound to get even bigger. Since your clients already look to you to manage their print files, it shouldn’t be that far of a leap to get them to consider storing digital files on your site alongside printed products.

If you’re thinking about approaching your clients with this possibility, the timing couldn’t be any better. Many companies are in a crossover period; they are more accustomed to using printed files, but they’ve started introducing some web-based files out of convenience. The switch from print to digital is happening fast, and printers should capitalize on this.

So how can your business step into this growing field?

The one advantage your Web-to-Print platform has over Google Drive or OneDrive is that your client’s print files are already stored in your storefront. Approach the topic by suggesting to the client that having all of their marketing material in the same place, whether it’s printed or downloadable, is a great way to keep all of their content organized and easily accessible. Having one place to log into and find any resource they need is much more convenient than searching through multiple platforms for a file.

Be sure to mention that each product’s link can be shared among users for easy access. In addition, permissions can be set up on a category basis so that employees can only view and download files designated for their department.

For you, the cost of having downloadable products on your Infigo site only includes the mere minutes it takes you to set up each product. You can still charge the same rate for setting up downloadable products as you would for printed products. While this isn't a huge opportunity for profit, expanding your business to handle digital files would provide sustainable solutions for your clients that are in their digital crossover period. Showing that you can accommodate your client’s needs beyond providing high quality printing services is a great way to continue to build your client relationships. This is an opportunity for your clients to start using Infigo’s platform in a whole new way. They’ll start seeing your platform as the main place to store and easily distribute PDF files. This could potentially increase the time they spend on your site, which could in turn lead to more requests for updates to the site and more print orders.

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