October 28, 2022

#GirlsWhoPrintDay2022: Our Thoughts

By Xan Poulsen, Celia Turzai, Shayna Smith

September 14, 2022

#GirlsWhoPrintDay2022: Our Thoughts

By Xan Poulsen, Celia Turzai, Shayna Smith

Our team at Devia had the opportunity on October 13th to board our intergalactic space cruisers and join Deborah Corn in the Printerverse for a meaningful seminar on Girls Who Print Day 2022. We were thrilled to be a part of so many meaningful discussions on what it means to be “big and bold” as a woman in print, how to be your best advocate, and other topics like cultivating a successful work environment. Here’s what our team took away from Girls Who Print Day 2022.

Kim Wunner’s discussion about being “big and bold” inspired me to take a closer look at the way I advocate for myself. Kim talked about how oftentimes men are judged based on their potential, but women are often judged based on their accomplishments. She said we need to reverse this, and reroute conversations to focus on what drives us.

Kim said an elevator pitch should explain who you are and what you do. What you manage, what you create, what you enjoy most, what you excel at. Accomplishments aren’t the main course, you are. That’s how you become BIG and BOLD.

The way we market ourselves shouldn’t change based on gender. I thought that this focus on soft skills is a really important shift that more women should employ, and I know I’ll be applying that when I advocate for myself in the future.

- Xan Poulsen

Sometimes we get so focused on driving success into the task at hand that we forget to lift our head up and look around, so I was excited to spend the day enjoying a broader view of the printerverse and the amazing people who make it tick. Throughout the conference, I tried to think “how does this apply to me as a person and my role in the industry?” I was assured by the thought that “almost everything you touch has something about it that is PRINTED. Printing isn't going away.” It may have seemed like an “oh duh” moment, but it made me walk with a little more confidence. Coming from a varied background in both technology and recruiting, where the project you work on and your job title/level can feel like it’s tied to your status and worth, the “Oh, You Work in Print?” segment led by Kristen Mento and Christine Alexander was a good reminder to not shrink back when explaining what you do, own it!

- Shayna Smith

During his Creating Company Culture segment, Ryan LeFebvre mentioned how he noticed his company culture disintegrated after making some much needed changes. He 'noticed tension in the air' and took strides to make things better after discovering what was wrong by asking. This really resonated with me, I've learned so often during my career in printing, how important it is to listen actively. I always strive to remember this: Ask, Listen, Understand.

When we are pushing deadlines, and everyone wants it NOW, sometimes it's easy to slip into a 'just do it' mode, or 'it's good enough.' We need to remember that even if the customer is not right, they are still the customer. Ask them what they need. Listen attentively to what they say and Understand what their desired outcome is.

After spending the afternoon with this panel of amazing women, it made me think back over my career in printing and I realized that along the way, I worked with, and for, many women who already embraced being BIG and BOLD. Women who embrace being BIG and BOLD don't shy away from who they are. They make sure they are seen and heard. Their example influences me every day. As Heather Poulin remarked - bring your chair to the table and sit down, don't wait for an invite.

Perform boldly and make yourself valuable. If you don't know how to do something, figure it out. Ask. Listen. Understand.

- Celia Turzai

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