May 23, 2022

1 Easy Way to Win Over Web To Print Clients: Create More Storefronts!

By Xan Poulsen, Marketing and Steven O'Brien, CEO

May 23, 2022

1 Easy Way to Win Over Web To Print Clients: Create More Storefronts!

By Xan Poulsen, Marketing and Steven O'Brien, CEO

If you use Infigo Software to manage your Web-To-Print business, there are a number of ways you can connect your clients with their products. The best solution is to give each client a separate storefront that they can use to order their own products.

If you already use Infigo, why would you leave ANY of your returning clients in the dust by conducting business via email? You've already experienced how Infigo organizes orders, allows for custom features, and makes any type of printed product easier to order and fulfill. Organizing an order for 300 different people's business cards via email would take days (if not weeks) of back and forth correspondence. If you give that same client their own storefront with Infigo, you're leaving it up to the customer to hit a few buttons and place an order without any hand-holding. Infigo's automation eliminates the need for a middleman, therefore freeing up your time to let you work with more clients at once.

On the other hand, some Web-to-Print Businesses use Infigo for all of their regular clients, but they won't fully take advantage of how the platform can benefit their customer relationships. Devia has found that some businesses will set up individual stores for their large clients and only ONE Infigo store for the rest of their clients to use. This may work well in certain cases, but if you're lumping all the little guys together, what kind of message does that send to your clients? Any size client would benefit from their own storefront, and you'll come to find that it doesn't require much more effort to run multiple storefronts versus only one.

Here are the main reasons why you need to give each client a separate W2P storefront for their products:

1) It shows a client that you value them specifically.

Having one store with everybody's products sends the message that your client is just one of the crowd, instead of a valued customer. But if you have your client front and center on their own website, that shows them that you go above and beyond for them.

2) Different Clients need different features from Infigo.

Here are some examples of features we know that the biggest commercial printers use on some client websites, but not on others:

  • a button to switch the site's language from English to French for Canadian companies
  • customized emails with specific order information
  • a preset billing address for B2B sites
  • an approval system that allows a representative of your client to approve/deny orders
  • other, more niche requests related to the user interface

3) Customization opens the door for more revenue.

Adding more features to the storefront means more of your company's time is being dedicated to each client. If your client is requesting a feature that isn't already on their store, they are inviting you to bill them for the update. This is something you would not be able to do without having separate storefronts for clients.

4) A specialized store is easier to navigate and maintain.

It's much harder to find the guitar section in a Walmart than in a Guitar Center. And it's probably much harder to manage Walmart's inventory. Separating your storefronts helps your clients find things easier, and it helps you keep project management more organized.

5) Surprisingly, it's not expensive or difficult to do.

There's a good chance that your company already owns an Infigo plan that allows for multiple storefronts that you just aren't using yet. Sure, each storefront requires some set-up, but that's usually less than two weeks of effort for a website that will allow you to maintain a great client relationship for years.

If you're ready to split up your one storefront into client specific storefronts, stay tuned. In our next blog post, Devia will outline the process for you.

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About Devia's Web to Print Solutions

Your Web to Print service needs an online platform that will connect your clients to the products they need to order. Printing clients need a simple, easy to navigate webpage that lets them upload a PDF or a photo and order marketing materials and custom products, including business cards, stationery, letterhead, envelopes, flyers, pocket folders, brochures, signage, calendars, sell sheets, buckslips, note pads, and more.

Devia provides support to your team of printing professionals by helping manage and create individual eCommerce stores for each of your clients, tailored specifically to their brand. Using Infigo's Web to Print software, Devia will develop and manage these branded storefronts for you, so that you can get back to what's truly important: running a fantastic printing service.

Devia's partnership with Infigo lets us provide unmatched support for Infigo users. Our direct collaboration with Infigo's team gives us insider information on new updates and features of their Web-To-Print software. Devia also specializes in the management and development of online stores hosted by other various eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Pageflex, Squarespace, and Magento.

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