September 28, 2022

Why Print Customers Love Infigo’s Arone Theme

By Xan Poulsen, Marketing, and Steven O'Brien, CEO

September 28, 2022

Why Print Customers Love Infigo’s Arone Theme

By Xan Poulsen, Marketing, and Steven O'Brien, CEO

If it’s been a few years since you’ve built your Infigo store, you probably built it with an older theme like Material. Many long-standing Infigo stores built with Material tend to work well for placing orders, but the Arone theme gives your store an easier, more organized ordering experience.

Our team has been working with printers to help switch their stores to Arone, and their clients have given us incredibly positive feedback about their new store updates. When we updated a University’s internal ordering portal, their marketing team flooded our inbox to tell us just how much value Arone provided their team.

I'm already over the moon with the new storefront, but it just keeps getting better!

I just wanted to reiterate how much I love the new format. It is such an improvement and makes the approval process so much easier!

What is Arone?

Infigo’s new theme Arone is sleeker, faster, and more organized than the older themes. Arone improves pages’ loading speeds, and it comes with a new and improved storefront appearance. Transitioning from an older theme like Material can give your website a much needed facelift, especially if your website is extremely active.

A customer experience that gets straight to the point.

Infigo’s Arone theme has a simple user experience design that guides users through the ordering process with a seamless, easy path from start to cart. Arone websites have a common standardization across each page that establishes continuity across the site. This makes it easier for a user with little to no computer skills to order from the portal. The clearly outlined process walks a user through selecting a product, customizing that product, and checking out, all within only a few minutes. Placing an order for print products can’t get much easier than this.

Arone also features an organized approval system for your print clients’ administrative team. It lays out approval statuses in a concise, easy-to-read table that streamlines the approval process.

Most importantly, stores built with Infigo’s Arone theme can load pages faster than stores built with older themes. Your clients won't be staring at any spinning wheels or loading bars. Even stores with thousands of products will load much faster with Arone than with an older theme.

Arone is easier for your team to customize.

Arone comes with gorgeous, built-in website styling that makes your store pleasing to the eye without the need to add any extra lines of CSS. Arone also effortlessly converts to mobile more effectively than any Infigo theme we’ve seen before. From our web design perspective, the automatic spacing between website elements in Arone is much more appealing than Material. If you do want to add your own styling, the simplicity in the elements’ default html setup allows web designers to easily add highly-customized styling. There’s more free reign to create unique content, and you end up using less lines of code.

The switch to Arone, however, is not completely automated. Switching requires an attentive web designer to convert the code into an Arone-friendly format.

Is switching to Arone necessary?

With any new tech, stakeholders often have hesitations about whether an update is necessary, keeping with the mindset, “If it ain't broke, don’t fix it.”

However, in an industry where efficiency and customer experience is key, using outdated systems is essentially shooting yourself in the foot.

Staying up to date with the software you use is absolutely vital for running a printing business. As Infigo develops more tools to help automate your printing process, these new tools are built to be most compatible with Arone websites, and may not work well with stores built using older themes. Switching to Arone gives your team access to new Infigo features the day of their release.

Interested In Transferring to Arone?

If you’re interested in transferring your own Infigo website from Material to Arone and want help from our web design and eCommerce team, Devia is happy to chat about your options. To meet with us regarding your Infigo website, please click the link in our page footer that says “Schedule a Meeting.”

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Devia provides support to your team of printing professionals by helping manage and create individual eCommerce stores for each of your clients, tailored specifically to their brand. Using Infigo's software, Devia will develop and manage these branded storefronts for you, so that you can get back to what's truly important: running a fantastic printing service.

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